Publicly Verifiable

Authenticate and store your credentials on the blockchain for life. Never worry about losing your credentials again, be it your school diploma, training and professional certificates, employment records and just about anything.

Globally Available

Show the world what you're capable of without saying a single word. Let idenft instantly tell potential employers, clients, partners and hiring companies who you are and what your skillsets are without the need for an interview or meeting.

Bring Anywhere

Take your idenft with you anywhere you go and never worry about leaving your résumé or portfolio behind. Showcase your credentials, present your portfolios, share or download your CV, all from a single integrated dashboard.

For jobseekers

freelancers and service providers

Finding a job can be a challenging and stressful process. There are many common problems that job seekers face, such as:

  • Focusing on jobs in one industry and not exploring other options that might be available
  • Applying for jobs that you are 100% qualified for and not considering other opportunities that might suit your skills and interests
  • Not using social media effectively to network and research employers
  • Being impatient, discouraged, or burned out by the job search process and not taking care of your mental and physical health

The list goes on...

To overcome these problems, you need to have a clear goal, a well-written résumé and cover letter, impressive credentials and portfolio, a strong online presence, a diverse and active network, a positive attitude, and a willingness to learn and adapt. You also need to be persistent, patient, and proactive in your job search.

Still, even with all these elements, landing an actual job could take forever and can drain you out!

That's where idenft comes in: by eliminating the tedious tasks of job hunting and by connecting you directly to potential recruiters, employers and opportunities that match your core competencies and what you are actually interested in. Whether it's a full time job or freelance work you are after, or if you prefer to work remotely or on site. We will handle the jobhunting and matchmaking for you.

No need to look for opportunities again. Opportunities will come straight to you.

For employers

recruiters and agencies

Some of the common problems recruiters and employers face in finding the perfect candidates are:

  • Attracting the right candidates who match the job requirements and the company culture
  • Engaging qualified candidates who are passive, busy, or have multiple offers
  • Hiring fast enough to avoid losing talent to competitors or having vacant positions
  • Building a strong employer brand that showcases the company's values, benefits, and culture
  • Ensuring a good candidate experience that is positive, respectful, and transparent

These are some of the challenges that hiring managers may encounter when looking for the perfect candidate. 

To overcome them, they may need to use various strategies such as building a talent pool, training hiring teams, diversifying recruiting sources, investing in an applicant tracking system, and more.

In spite of the numerous applications you receive, sorting through the list, reviewing their credentials, conducting initial interviews and evaluating them individually could take ages!

idenft takes away all those burdens from you by means of:

  • Using data-driven recruitment to measure and improve the hiring process
  • Helping you build a strong employer brand that showcases the company's values, benefits, and culture
  • Assisting in recruiting fairly and avoiding bias or discrimination
  • Creating an efficient recruiting process that is streamlined and consistent

Forget about going through hundreds of less qualified candidates. Let our AI engine deliver you the best talents based on your needs.

About Us

We match recruiters and candidates using AI: automatically and instantly

In a nutshell, idenft - pronounced [ ahy-de-nef-tee ] - provides students, employees and professionals, academic institutions and other entities, a simple but powerful tokenization and immutable storage platform to digitize and authenticate credentials such as transcript of records, diplomas, training certificates, personal works, and anything that needs a secured storage that can not be deleted and forged. 

Although possibilities are endless, our use case is currently centered towards students, employees, freelancers and professionals who want to authenticate and tokenize their credentials in order to prove to potential employers and clients the authenticity of their achievements and skills. 

We automatically match recruiters with job seekers giving highest priority to candidates with authenticated credentials. This removes the unnecessary and tedious tasks for recruiters to verify each of the candidates' expertise and accomplishments.

Our AI-powered matchmaking engine eliminates the slow and monotonous job posting and application sending by immediately identifying qualified candidates and connecting them directly to the recruiters who are looking for specific skillsets and experience, unlike the traditional and ineffective method of keyword-related searching.

Dashboard Like No Other

Intuitive Interface

Our super-friendly and state-of-the-art user interface gives you an immersive experience like you've never seen before.

Intelligent Display

You only get to see what you actually want and need to see. No garbage and worthless contents cluttering around your screen! 

Streamlined Features

Simplified and automated functionalities let you focus on tasks you need to accomplish right away. No more wasted time.

According to a global statistics in 2021, there are about (just a rough estimate and not definitive figures) 462 million jobseekers and approximately 466 million employers worldwide. The numbers also assume there are about 3 million jobs posted monthly in about the same number of online job sites averaging to 3.33 million, but only around 15.6 million jobs are available. These numbers are not definitive and can only be taken with a grain of salt. But the purpose why we included these figures is just for us to at least have a glimpse of the market size and for the financial projection in our revenue model.